Your Unregular Summer of Pizza

UnregularPizza Alessio Jumping

Your Unregular Summer of Pizza


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Photo: Ken Ruan , Dancer: Alessio Crognale


Thanks to you guys we have made our burrapizza experiment part of our menu (till further notice)! Please say hello to our Chicken Caesar Burrapizza: all natural grilled chicken, mozzarella, romaine salad, whole burrata, home made refreshing Caesar dressing, home made basil pesto sauce  with parmigiano reggiano sprinkled on top PIZZA!

Chef: Salvatore Gagliardo

For our monthiversary we’ll pick a photo we love and feature it, the winner gets a pizza surprise. 

June 18th marked an important milestone. It was exactly 1 month since we opened and we have decided to celebrate it by featuring Joe Urban’s photo who visited us and snapped an amazing picture! Joe’s in for a special pizza surprise!

Photo: @boothbayjoe


We would like to reserve a space in this newsletter to talk about a great lunch option: our Focaccia Emiliana which was featured on Eater as one of the “11 More NYC Sandwiches That Are Getting Us Through the Pandemic (and Beyond) These great options offered senior critic @rsietsema comfort slapped between many kinds of bread”. The article, by Robert Sietsema, describes our beloved Emiliana Focaccia as “Few forms of bread make as satisfying a sandwich as the blistered and salted flatbread sometimes known as pizza bianca. In Rome, a split slice is often layered with a modest amount of mortadella, with the fat globs acting as ample lubrication. At Unregular Pizza, which gained notoriety as an apartment kitchen pop-up, recently opened a brick-and-mortar location near Union Square, there are always a couple of choices for focaccia sandwiches. I thoroughly enjoyed the Emiliana, stuffed with prosciutto, cow’s milk mozzarella, long-aged Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a light touch of sun-dried tomato paste”.
Trust a food critic who knows his New York City Sandwiches! Indulge in our Emiliana

Focaccia Emiliana


Recently, we had the honor of baking with master pizzaiola Miriam Weiskind from @thezareport and Daniela Mèndez  (@danielamzt) Miriam was kind enough to let us try her Ooni oven for our Roman style pizza… it’s actually amazing!  Don’t know if we’re there yet with our dough but eventually we’ll get it right… We might do this again soon! This collaboration was born from a barter we did a while back. If you don’t know Miriam’s story, we suggest you take a look at her IG. It’s rather amazing ? Also, we’d like to thank @no7restaurant for letting us use their backyard, the oven in their basement and thanks for the the refreshing draft beer ? ! ? Beyond grateful!


From Left to Right: Gabriele Lamonaca, Miriam Weiskind, Daniela Mèndez

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