Pizza! What comes to your mind with this four-lettered word? Well, you must be thinking about the cheesy smell of freshly baked dough coming straight away from the hot oven.

If you are a pizza lover, we at Unregular Pizza can stir up your taste buds with various types of pizza. Just to name a few, they include Burrapizza, Unmargherita, and Diavolona.


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Lip Smacking Pizzas to Delight Your Taste Buds

Are you looking for the best pizza delivery in the East Village? Who won't fall in love with a Pizza having flawlessly cooked crust in a traditional oven, a generous amount of fresh tomato sauce, creamy cheese, and fresh meat toppings? An authentic Italian pizza is more than simply a meal; it is the perfect delight for your mouth.

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We are your perfect pick if you plan to organize a grand party and are looking for pizza delivery in the West Village. We believe that food preparation is an art that requires a chef to evoke soul within a dish.