Salvatore Gagliardo

Executive Chef

Salvatore Gagliardo – Executive Chef

Salvatore Gagliardo was born in the USA (West Palm Spring, Florida, to be exact). At the age of two, his family moved to a small Sicilian town called Porto Empedocle where he began working in his family’s bakery at a young age. Under his father’s guidance, Salvatore learned how to craft traditional Sicilian pastries and savory delicacies but, as time went on, he noticed a growing demand for innovative and reimagined baked goods. He embarked on a culinary tour of Italy, partaking in masterclasses and courses with some of Italy’s most renowned chefs. Salvatore mastered his craft and returned home an expert Fornaio, skilled in creating a broad range of delicious delights including croissants, bread and pizza. Harnessing his knowledge and creativity, he spearheaded the expansion of his family’s business and soon made a name for himself in the local area, supplying some of the best hotels along the coast. Then, in 2016 an opportunity arose and Salvatore returned to the USA, taking on the role of pizzaiolo at Filaga Pizzeria in Chelsea Market (NYC).


Salvatore is now ready to finally accomplish his Sicilian-American Dream of opening his own business, just like back in Sicily… well not quite!